Competition Entry for the "Digital Mural Project", Philadelphia (2001)

In many ways we are interested in architecture and although it has been the garden becoming our main topic - architecture is one of the basic tools to construct our images. Without being architects we use such elements constructing them now with a 3-D-modelling program and rendering them in a landscape-generator. Thus the contents of our images are always somehow related to their architectural surroundings - to exhibition spaces or to the cityscape. Since some months now we have started to use our coumputer-works not only as models to be copied in traditional oil on wooden panels, but as an own medium. (See our theoretical booklet: CAP - Computer Aided Painting in The Third Chamber). This decision has, of course, to do with our changing conviction, that the quality of such a computer-work is now developed enough to really compete with our idea of painting.
Our proposal for the Philadelphia-Competition now is displayed on the wall of a building in the East of Berlin that since some time we find quite attractive because of it's panoramatic shape. Our utopic garden construction is represented from a bird's eye view and so it gives the spectator the impression of an unexpected change of perspective. And we play with the fact that the gardenscene is - like an image - to be walked on only by the eyes and the spirit. To this work we gave the title: "Nesting in a living wall". For us the shape of the image will not be so important: our proposal can be displayed on many walls. But it has to be sized in a way that the impression of the invented land is far reaching in the neighborhood of Philadelphia.